One of our own featured in magazine – Leigh Lydecker


By Jaimie Julia Winters
He’s 91 and one of Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association’s most active members. Leigh Lydecker was also just featured in Bergen County’s magazine “Autumn Years” in a five-page spread. The article “What a Honey of a Hobby!” takes readers through Lydecker’s initial interest into beekeeping as a Boy Scout to his retirement when he became “serious” about the hobby at the age of 75. He now maintains four hives in Oakland, which he proudly says produced 120 pounds of honey this year.
He credits the Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association as his first smart move in re-entering the world of beekeeping. (The article also features a sidebar on the club).
Lydecker says much has changed over the years when beekeepers didn’t have to deal with Colony Collapse Disorder and varroa mites, and he credits the club for educating him on how to deal with the plights.
He advises all beekeepers to stay educated by attending meeting, reading all that you can and attending workshops such as the one offered by Rutgers to keep up to date on the issues and challenges surrounding beekeeping. Lydecker also stays physically fit, and even at his age can lift those 50-pound honey supers.
Another retiree and newbee featured in the sidebar is Jim LaConte, 70, another active member. His first move was also to attend a Northeast NJ Beekeeping meeting he says. He left that meeting with a mentor, John Gaut, who has been with Conte along his journey into beekeeping.
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Free hives from PSE&G Giveback Program


The Northeast NJ Beekeepers Association is happy to announce a partnership with PSE&G’s Give Back Program and Bayonne High School Wood Shop Students, whose mascot happens to be The Bees. The Bayonne Bees Wood Shop Students will be making hive bodies, (each consisting of 2 deeps, inner & outer covers, and a bottom board,) for the club to distribute to its members.
The 10 hives will be given to members who otherwise would not be able to get into beekeeping due to the financial hurdles of purchasing all the necessary equipment.
Bees and all other equipment need to be purchased by the recipient.
Members need to be up to date with dues and agree to being mentored. If you are already a beekeeper with a hive and would like to expand, we can can place you on a wait list. Please email or call Jaimie Winters at or 551-486-7479 if you are interested in obtaining one of these hives. All information will be kept confidential.