New Beekeepers

Becoming a Beekeeper can very enjoyable and can be very challenging at times. The new beekeeper has many good resources available to learn how to be successful. There are several recommended books which are available from the club at a member discount for the beginning beekeeper. There are also several excellent beekeeping courses in the area. As a new beekeeper, you must read at least one of the beginning beekeeping books and should attend a beekeeping course. The mentor can then help you with the practical issues on beekeeping, including helping you develop a plan to manage the colonies and help with questions you may have.

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The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum – This book is good to start with. The club has this book available now.

The Beekeepers Handbook by Diane Sommataro – This is a good second book to read. The Club has this book available now.

Monthly periodicals:
Bee Culture is a little more basic

American Bee Journal generally has more technical information:


Landi Simone is a Master Beekeeper in Essex County and teaches a class in the Spring:

Hudson Valley Bee Supply also has courses:
Note: courses fill up quickly

Where to place hive:
There are some good guidelines for locating your bee hives. Please review the information attached. The books and beginning beekeeping courses will also provide information such as placing the hives in a sunny and wind protected location.

Equipment to get started:
A recommended equipment list based on Brushy Mountain equipment is on our web site.

Main suppliers:
Brushy Mountain:
Hudson Valley in New York is a local distributor.

Mann Lake:
Grant Stiles in Fords, NJ is a local distributor.




What to consider with wooden ware:
Painted or non-painted and 10 frame or 8 frame equipment. (Brushy Mountain has a good comparison: A kit with 2 Deeps and 2 Mediums will be a very good start. Also purchase a top feeder. Purchase a kit with a screened bottom board; it can be a very valuable learning tool. Sign-up for each Bee Supplier’s mailing list so you are notified of any sales.

Buying bees:
Nucs are ordered through the club from Grant Stiles for members up to date on dues.

Mentoring program:
The Northeast NJ Beekeepers offers a mentoring program to its members who are new to beekeeping. A mentor from your area will be assigned to you for practical advice on your journey into beekeeping. Please email John Gaut to sign up to be mentored.

New Jersey Beekeepers Association New Member Handbook:  

NJBA New Member Handbook

Please click on the pdf for bee guidelines: